Things To Remember While Choosing Internet Service Provider

Spoilt-for-choice is a term every customer is familiar with, and as a user seeking an Internet Service Provider, it can be said with surety that the term applies to you too. Your online search will yield many results, and as you click on the results and start going through the plans, you may begin to wonder which ISP is best suited for you.

Type “Best ISP provider in India” in your Google search box and the number of results shown in 0.62 seconds will be around 4, 02,000. 
Now you cannot be expected to go through all the sites and the millions of search results and if for some reason, you do, you will be reading outdated, useless information, which is of no use to you or your search for a broadband plan. 
However, if you stick to the top results, you will truly be spoilt-for-choice, as the Internet Service Providers, from all over the country, try to convince you that they are the best.

But, to choose the best ISP providers there are a few things that you should keep in mind:
1. Speed – The speed of your broadband connection should be one of the major factors kept in mind while choosing a plan. Players are offering speeds up to 100 Mbps but a 40 Mbps is considered good enough to meet monthly requirements. Also factor in consistency of the speed.
2. Wi-Fi dongle vs. Wired broadband – Again, companies like Airtel offer both the services, but it comes down to your requirement. Today the new Vectorisation technology allows fixed broadband cables to offer high speed Internet up to 100Mbps with less buffering and faster downloads.
3. Costs – The onetime cost of modem, routers and other related equipment should be another factor considered at the time of choosing a provider, for your Internet services. Some providers will charge a huge amount while others will provide them at zero-cost.
4. Benefits – Additional benefits are something to be looked at while choosing any service across industries and it goes without saying broadband plans are no different. Go for providers that offer additional benefits, such as free calls anywhere in India. Airtel broadband offers free calls across all broadband plans to customers at no extra cost. Customers can also get free access to Airtel movies.
5. Plan Flexibility – Every plan will come with its own parameters, but you should opt for one that gives you the flexibility - to upgrade or downgrade your plan as per changing needs of you and your family.
6. Brand Name – Bollywood movies may tell you to never underestimate the power of the common man, but here things are different, never underestimate or doubt the quality that a brand can provide. An established brand will have a pan-India presence, it will invest in research, it would have a complaint cell to help you, and most importantly, it will keep its focus on enhancing customers’ experience.
7. Customer Service – Last but not the least, the broadband provider’s customer service record is something you should never ignore. A good customer service will be prompt and will ensure that any issues faced by you are solved at the earliest, with the minimum trouble to your work or leisure needs.
The above mentioned factors are just a few things that should affect your decision with regards to an Internet connection for your home or office. The offers will definitely add value to the term “spoilt-for-choice”. But, it is important not to get lost in all the various trappings and go for an Internet Service provider, who offers a host of value-additional services to its broadband customers.
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