What is Leased Line Connection and Its Advantages

What is a leased line?
A leased line is said to be a private line that is given to a dedicated user this connection comes from various connections to provide you with the best of the connection in a way so that even if any one of the line fails the other can provide you with an uninterrupted connection.  
Who must opt for a Leased Line?
The leased line can be used by the corporate office, business companies, internet cafes, BPO’s, etc. Any place that requires an uninterrupted internet service is a place where the leased line must be used.

What are leased line used for?
The leased line is not only for internet service but for other purposes like follows-
1. The main reason that is internet service.
2. To make phone calls.
3. Allowing the staff members to connect to their personal office computers from home itself.
4. And to link the personal computer of different corporate offices together, an organisation like banks need this service also the bigger corporate office need this type of service.
What is the speed one gets on this line?
To be precise the plans can be set by the user and the service provider, the most opted speeds are 2Mbps, 10Mbps and 100Mbps If you tell us the requirement you have we can provide you with the best of the plan.
What is the advantage of using the Leased Line?
1. There are many advantages of using the leased line because it is a dedicated line and hence it will be solely used by you and your organisation.
2. There are no such things as variation in internet speed. There will not be any problem of slowing down of the internet speed or the problem of peak time, that is usually faced in the general internet connection.
3. Leased lines are symmetric, that means there will be no issues with the downloading and uploading of the data. Usually, in the business, there is a requirement of taking real time backup and file transferring, hence leased lines are the best option for this.  
4. The speed that you get with the leased line is far better than that you get in the ADSL, the ADSL is only good for you if you are very close to the telephone exchange. Else it will provide you with just the internet speed that the general internet connections provide.
5. Leased lines generally do not face any problem but if they do they are easy to fix as compared to the ADSL line. 
6. The leased lines provide you with the unlimited usage there is no usage price for it. 
7. You get to access multiple connections from the same line it can be for making calls, for VPN connection or any such thing.
8. Leased line come with SLA, SLA stands for Service Level Agreements, this way the provider monitor and maintain the line themselves.
Bottom line.

A Business leased line can be a little costly but as it is a dedicated connection it is worth giving the price. You get many benefits out of the same connection. If you are a business person who is handling a multiple number of offices then this is the connection that you will be needing. Happy Surfing!!!
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