What Is Internet Speed And How Is Internet Speed Calculated?

Since last two decades, Internet has become an essential part of our life and our daily use of Internet service has developed exponentially too; it is a huge source of information and offers diverse platforms for connectivity as well. A very common term which comes into thought while using the Internet is the Internet Speed.
Internet Speed
Internet speed can be explained as the amount of data allowed to transmit per second and this data is measured in a number of bytes passed per second, the most common unit of measurement is Mbps. Internet speed can be largely classified into two sections namely Upload and Download, these speeds affect the time take to upload or download any form of data respectively.
Having a good quality Internet speed is good for the user as it allows faster transmission of data and the user needs not to wait for a prolonged period of time. In most of the cases Download speed is given more priority and has better bandwidth than the Upload Speed, the primary reason for this is that for a general user, download needs are much higher as compared to upload requirements. The advertised speed may fluctuate depending on the type of task one is performing over the Internet.
Ideal Internet Speed
Need of Internet speed differs with the needs and there cannot be any ascertained calculation to determine the exact amount; any connection that offers 1-4 Mbps of downloading speed can be considered as an ideal one; although Internet service providers do offer in packages and depending on time of usage speeds do propagate at unusual hours because of low traffic. There are many Internet connectivity options that offer better connective alternatives but the one that aligns with requirements you have is the one that should be opted.
Calculating the Internet speed is a standard way of knowing what speed you are actually getting to use in comparison to the one advertised.
  • Speed measurement helps you crosscheck the speed your internet service provider is giving.
  • It also helps you compare the speed with different service providers in the same area.
  • You can check if any other plan suits you and can be opted for.
There are many web portals who help you in measuring the speed of the Internet connectivity. You can just google search for Internet Speed and the results will so numerous portals who can help you measure the speed. These portals send and receive a very small data to your browser and based on the time taken to complete the operation, a rough idea of the Internet speed is calculated.

Measuring the Internet speed is not a difficult task as the Internet itself help you in doing that.
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